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DC Clouds | Once again, Digital China MSP was included in “China Cloud Migration, Modernization and Management Service Status Report”
Date of issue:2022-02-21
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With the popularity of cloud in China, challenges related to development, migration, modernization and workload management across hybrid cloud environments are also increasing at present. Recently, Forrester, one of the most influential independent research and consulting companies in the world, released the first report on the status quo of China’s cloud migration, modernization and management services, providing professional insights on how Chinese service providers can help enterprises migrate workloads to the cloud, use cloud technology to drive application modernization, and effectively manage the hybrid cloud environment. As one of the leading cloud and digital service providers in the country, Digital China was included in the report with its professional cloud management service capability and excellent customer service cases. Again, its cloud management service capability was highly recognized in the report.

According to Forrester's report, more than 40% of Chinese corporate infrastructure decision-makers consider migrating existing applications to the cloud, while 90% of software decision-makers believe that the implementation of cloud native has improved or will improve their own products or services. In 2021, the expenditure of Chinese enterprises on IT services such as IT consulting, system integration and outsourcing will reach 50 billion US dollars, and by 2024, this figure will grow at an annual rate of more than 10%. In contrast however, most enterprises lack cloud-related professional skills and knowledge, and the experience in coping with complex challenges. Therefore, in order to meet the challenges brought by cloud implementation and rebuild the core competitiveness facing the future, more and more Chinese enterprises choose to cooperate with professional service providers to accelerate cloud transformation as a priority with less risk and better cost management, make up for the shortage of cloud skills, adapt to the localized future-facing technology strategy and deal with the complex regulatory environment.

This brings greater opportunities and challenges to domestic professional cloud service providers. Leading cloud management service providers can not only provide all-round consulting and development services to help customers solve various problems in infrastructure development, application scenarios and cloudy environments, but also play an important role in helping enterprises understand the cloud, migrate application to the cloud, build future-facing applications and development capabilities, and establish a governance foundation for innovation with cloud management services.

Take the retail & FMCG industry as an example. Every year’s “6.18”, “Double Eleven” and “Double Twelve” promotions, as well as the occasional promotions launched by retail & FMCG enterprises, bring great challenges to the agility of the underlying resources and upper applications of the cloud. Based on these business characteristics, to achieve flexible, efficient and elastic expansion, the cloud deployment of enterprises must be independent of any underlying technical architecture, and can be easily migrated between public and private cloud platforms at will. This often requires the integration services of professional cloud service providers. For example, an international fashion brand chose Digital China to operate its six cloud platforms in the Asia-Pacific region. During the “Double Eleven” period, the company’s online business volume increased tenfold, and the cloud operation service provided by Digital China ensured the scalability and stability of all these six cloud platforms.

Based on years of hard work, Digital China, with its professional technical team covering the global mainstream cloud platforms, experts in different sub-fields and full-stack cloud service capabilities, not only helps customers to do a good job in cloud environment migration, application modernization and long-term cloud hosting services, but also assists enterprises in determining their overall IT cloud native strategy, and planning and completing whole-life-cycle management. Digital China continuously empowers customers’ technical teams to adapt to the rapid iteration scenario. Now, it has won the favor and continuous cooperation of many top Fortune 500 companies.

According to the person in charge of Digital China’s cloud management services, the company currently has a 24×7 operation and maintenance team spanning Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, to provide clients with standardized and customized services. As more and more customers turn to cloud native platforms, mainstream cloud platform vendors gradually launch their own hosted cloud native platforms. On the basis of its original full-stack cloud service capabilities covering mainstream cloud vendors, Digital China also focuses on expanding cloud native transformation capabilities, such as packaging and mirroring, writing capabilities for Docker file and other files, as well as business-based consulting services. Through continuous technical practice and accumulation, the company helps Chinese enterprises reconstruct their value chain in the cloud native era.