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Digital China awarded as the “Excellent Digital Service Provider of the Year”
Date of issue:2021-03-07
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“2020-2021 Digital Future China Digital Annual Conference” was convened in Chengdu on March 5, 2021. Themed after “Lighting the Digital Future”, the conference gathered the pioneering force which integrated the efforts of production, learning, research and practice made by new-generation digital innovation institutions. In the “2020 China Digital Transformation and Innovation Evaluation”, Digital China was awarded the “Excellent Digital Service Provider of the Year” for its premium service quality and fruitful achievements in digital transformation.

As one of the most closely watched lists in digital industry, “2020 China Digital Transformation and Innovation Evaluation” is jointly created by the DIIRC, Jinnang Experts, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Chief Digital Officer, and more than 20 CIO organizations and industry associations nationwide. It aims to explore the enterprises and cases that stand out in the wave of new technology by examining key indicators such as digital strategy, capability, and talent, thereby providing guidance and reference for enterprise digital transformation.

Digital China, a leading cloud and digital service provider in China, always grasps opportunities of the times, gives full play to its technical strengths and industry coverage, and assists customers in digital system building as required through full-stack cloud and data service quality, thus reaching the goal of “Last Mile”. It has helped many Global 500 enterprises and leading customers with consulting, migration, management, OM and other affairs since the cloud and digitalization-driven strategic goal was proposed in 2017. In addition, it has built the cloud computing base and the multi-dimensional benchmarking cases in finance, retail, manufacturing, cultural tourism, medical treatment, transportation and so on.

In order to address the data structures of financial institutions, DC has built a data analysis system to meet the exponentially growing demands of financial customers for data size and computing, by managing complicated systematic data, breaking data silos between systems, and making use of the computing power featuring high quality and expansibility. In addition, the independently developed TDMP supports data mask and information management, ensuring privacy and security while improving work efficiency.

In face of the challenge of digital transformation in the traditional manufacturing industry, DC has reorganized the corporate IT architecture, simplified the information system, and created an integrated platform to cut the cost of the manufacturing industry. What is more, it has summarized and analyzed the scattered data of production modules to formulate the fine management mode.

DC has helped retail giants with not only digital upgrades, but also full life-cycle data marketing supported by the Bluenic customer data platform. A closed loop of advertising and performance management is formed from data acquisition & application through online & offline channels, to unified management of data resources, and finally to analysis on data such as purchase, location and brand preference, thus precisely forecasting the business trends and enhancing the market competitiveness for customers.

Furthermore, DC taps the data value of cultural tourism, medical care, transportation and more industries by customizing digital business systems. DC will invest more in technologies, deepen industrial exploration, broaden business scenarios, and digitize production and living. More intelligent, efficient and collaborative digital solutions will be offered to customers to cope with the tremendous impact of the digital economy to the market.